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Welcome to Brancusi

We are a relaxed, casual dining restaurant in Micklegate, York.  

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Our Story

Seven years after opening Partisan, the opportunity came to expand into another beautiful historical building three doors down in 104 Micklegate. 


James Gilroy, our former head chef at Partisan, is returning to work with us at Brancusi, leading the team with his incredible talent and commitment to seasonality and sustainability. 

Opening Times

Monday:            10am - 2.30pm         

Tuesday:           C l o s e d

Wednesday:    10am  - 2.30pm   

Thursday:        10am - 2.30pm             5pm - 9pm

Friday:             10am - 2.30pm              5pm - 9pm

Saturday:         9am - 2.30pm               5pm - 9pm

Sunday:            9am - 2.30pm         

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